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Restoration & renovation motorcycles


Motoren Restoration Services offers a full range of services from engine rebuilding to complete restoration of fine quality classic motorcycles. All types of Jawa, CZ and Stadion motorcycles from the twenties to the mid-eighties are covered.

Restoration process includes:

  • Complete vehicle restoration
  • Complete engine rebuliding
  • Transmission rebuilding
  • Complete detailed frame renovation
  • Complete rewiring service and electrical component rebuilding
  • Carburateur rebuilding
  • High quality body work
  • Show quality paint work

When we receive a motorcycle in for repair, we start by taking extensive photos and researching the manufacturer's original specifications. Throughout the motorcycle restoration process, we stay in contact with you, the owner, as if you were right next door. We'll regularly send photos by email so you know what your parts look like and what progress is being made.

Costs of a restoration obviously vary enormously depending on what specifications you decide. After discussions with you, an estimate will be given and we will endeavour to keep within this budget, however, you should be aware that unexpected problems may arise during the restoration and this can increase the projected costs for your restoration although you will always be kept informed of progress and given the opportunity to decide upon changes.

Normal turn around time for a restoration will be somewhere in the region of three to six months; it could be extended in case of complicated renovations, when some additional time is necessary for completing of missing parts.
Whether you have one motorcycle part that needs to be repaired, or an entire bike that has to be restored, Motoren will deliver professional results that will make your bike look like it just rolled off the factory floor.

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