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Shopping in is very simple.


It is not necessary to be registered or logged in for viewing or searching in the spare parts catalogue.
In case you decide to order the goods you can also buy without having to register.


You have several possibilities to find exactly the item you need.
However, in case that you decide to buy some item, you have to register and login due to necessity to record your order with your contact data in our system.

It is very easy to buy at


You can check the purchased goods, or edit them in the Basket, you can find them at the top menu.
To order your goods, you do not need to be registered or logged in! If you sign up with us,  it will make it easier for you to make each additional order because your contact information is retained in the system.
Enter the correct and true information in the registration.
All data used during registration will only be user for ordering from MOTOREN. They will not be given to third parties, nor used for unsolicited advertising mails and otherwise misused!

We will contact you after receiving your order.


To the end price of order, will be counted postage charges (see attachet tables lower)

Postage charges for Slovak republic
to 1Kg to 5Kg to 10Kg
7,00 € 8,30 € 9,80 €

Postage charges for Czech republic
1Kg 2Kg 3Kg 4Kg 5Kg 6Kg 7Kg 8Kg 9Kg 10Kg
12,30 € 14,30 € 14,80 € 15,30 € 15,80 € 16,30 € 17,30 € 18,30 € 19,30 € 20,30 €

Postage charges for European countries
1Kg 2Kg 3Kg 4Kg 5Kg 6Kg 7Kg 8Kg 9Kg 10Kg
13,70 € 22,10 € 29,30 € 31,30 € 34,30 € 36,30 € 38,30 € 41,30 € 43,30 € 45,30 €